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We offer tap dance classes to students ages 3 to adult.  Whether your student participates in a recreational way or desires to pursue tap dance more seriously in the long-term, our classes are a fabulous place to nurture their abilities!  Students of both sexes are encouraged to participate in our Tap program, which ranges from young beginners, to advanced adults.  We also offer a popular Ballet/Tap Combo class for our 3 year olds to give them their first introduction to both genres.  Tap dance nurtures creativity, confidence, and independence through personalized style, rhythm, and improvisation exercises.  Our instructors are skilled at engaging students of all ages and ability levels and presenting each student with appropriate challenges. Students who plan to participate in RAD examinations are encouraged to attend at least 2 classes per week, please reference our dance schedule.

Please download our 2012/2013 Dance Schedule and Calendar to see when our classes will work best with your schedule.